The Music Garden – Spring is Sprung at last!

The Music Garden – Spring is Sprung at last!

I sound like a broken record, but wow things have been busy!

There are so many great things I’ve been up to, and I’ve had no time to sort through photos – but hopefully I’ll get through them soon.

  • Had an amazing time shooting Mary and Perry’s wedding – a peek at that to come as soon as the happy couple return from their honeymoon.
  • Mother’s day was amazing, and mom built a gorgeous new piece, as soon as we get some sunny weather I’ll be able to shoot and share her latest!
  • The knitters frolic – I was so burnt out from work that I didn’t get to stay as long as I wanted =o( I did enjoy getting to say hi to some of the great folks that I only ever chat with online, like the incredibally talented Tanis, Julie, Chris and Emily. I also barely managed to churn out 11 yarn bowls in time for the show, which I also need to share pics of because they turned out so well!
  • I spent Saturday at a fundraiser for Japan organized by some of the people in my Karate circle – together we did 108 repeats of one of our forms. I really missed the feeling of waking up early and leaving town for a Karate related event, and it’s always great to see some of the folks from the McMaster dojo. Photos from that to come soon!
  • The big event, Saturday night I was the photographer for Dylan Dias’ latest fashion shoot – done entirely in black light. I also custom designed a piece of black light reactive jewellery for the shoot – now those are some spectacular photos…. coming soon!
While I crawl through the piles of RAW filling up my drives let me leave you with a few photos of the beautiful Music Garden near my home. Spring has certainly come.
Cute couple =o)
Red wing blackbird – he got so close I was having trouble focusing!
Tito and his new buddy.
It doesn’t matter how many photos there are of flowers out there – I never get bored of how beautiful they are.
And last… this photo is 3 images strung together – with the camera on rapid-burst.
That’s all for now =o) more to come when I’ve done some catching up!

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