The Sammy Birthday Kit!

The Sammy Birthday Kit!

We’ve had Sam for one year as of January 11th! From here:

To here!

Sammy is also a great big sister. A lot of the credit goes to Arya.



To celebrate Sammy’s anniversary with us, she is getting her own colourway, kit and donation. This is not a pop-up, the colour will always be available on our site.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 1.05.32 PM

Tan for Sammy’s fur, White for her stripes. Pink for that little nose. Speckles because Sammy is speckled. Sweet, like Neopolitan Ice Cream because Sammy is sweetness personified <3 Plus Muddy Husky, because my girls are a package deal.


You can see from the swatch that this is *not* a gradient – it’s fun and light and as faceted as Sammy’s own personality. To honour Sammy, we are launching a sock kit: A recipe for vanilla socks, top down, using “Sammy” for the body and “Muddy Husky” for the cuff, toe and heel. We are calling it… wait for it…. Puppy Paw!


Puppy Paw kits will come with one skein of Sammy and two mini skeins of Muddy Husky, (540 yards total of Killarney Sock) a puppy paw stitch marker and the sock pattern. The retail value of the kit will be $49 and for every kit sold, The Blue Brick will donate $10 to the Niagara Dog Rescue. We’ll keep a running tally on our website :)

Look out in the next few days to see the final kit with sock samples and stitch markers! This will be online-only, to keep things simple (so I don’t need to coordinate the donations with stores) and it will launch on January 11th; Sammy’s Anniversary (and what we’re considering her birthday!).


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