The Swatch Project – Feather

The Swatch Project – Feather


Last Friday I set out a new project; I dyed a ‘mini’ of each of our ombré colours, to show how the colours knit up, for knitters who are not familiar with gradient yarns. I compressed each gradient into 100 yards of DK weight–which means that the colours are *far* more compressed than they would be on, say, a 500 yard skein–but which should still give knitters a good idea of how the colours move and blend.


It makes for lots of yummy photography, creating all those minis, and a bit of a tricky dye job as well, but was well worth it when I saw all the lovely colour that resulted.


The first swatch I knitted up is our ‘feather’ colour way.


Feather graduates slowly from cream to charcoal. It’s a lovely neutral colour way.


And here is the swatch;


That little blue speck got in there by accident–there are no blue specks in ‘feather’ :) Again, bear in mind that the entire gradient has been compressed here into just 100 yards, but it should give you a nice idea of how the colours will play out across a shawl or sweater project.

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