Tonal Line 3 – Warm and a little crazy

Tonal Line 3 – Warm and a little crazy

Todays colours flow across the warm end of the spectrum, and there’s one crazy addition called Iridescent. Confession: it’s not exactly a tonal, more of a variegated, but it comes from a photo I’ve wanted to do something with ever since I took it and it simply did not work as a gradient.


Next up is a brilliant red that I wanted to call “Sumach” but ended up naming “Torii” after the Torii Gate shrine that I shot in Kyoto. Not for the faint of heart, this is one saturated red!


Now for something softer; this gentle, almost neutral blush colour is called “Flamingo”.


And lastly, a colour that I’ve called Lilac in the past few weeks but changed to “Aster”. Aster means star, which doesn’t make a lot of sense for a purple colour, but it’s named for the New England Aster; a flower that is common in Ontario. I caught this one at dawn, covered in dew, and before it had opened its bloom to the sun for the day. When I came back later that morning the sun was up, the dew was dried, the flower was open and somehow I thought the magic had gone out of it a little.


Tomorrow; neutrals and a few changes to our gradient line (hint, if you really loved Daisy or Tulip you might want to order them soon!). All colours launch Friday!