Where has the time gone?

Where has the time gone?

When we first got engaged, it seems like the big day was ages away, but then just like that it was in less than 3 weeks. It’s amazing how many moving parts a thing like a wedding has, and while my mom has relieved me of 90% of the planning, I still find myself overwhelmed by what’s left. Add to that a hectic day job, the Blue Brick yarn business and what it’s like when your home has become a studio and…. well, let’s just say it’s never boring ;)

I have 2 big announcements today, unrelated to the wedding and totally related to fabulous yarns! The first one is that, this Friday, on our Etsy store at 11am EST I will launch what shall be the very last yarn update until mid-November. This update will feature 5 new colours, 3 of which have already been released on instagram/facebook:

Wine-Grapes Night-Falls Harvest-Peaches

And onto the second announcement, did you notice the gorgeous base that I’ve chosen to use for all three of those photos? Introducing ‘Manitoulin Merino’ – a fingering weight single-ply yarn in 100% merino with a luxurious feel and a generous yardage at 475 yards per skein, perfect for larger shawl projects.


This base picks up colour beautifully, and it feels so luxurious to the touch! It will be hard to let go of all my skeins.


Look for my new Manitoulin Merino in this Friday’s update :)

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