Last Etsy Update until November – the Harvest Season

Last Etsy Update until November – the Harvest Season

Now that Tito and I are less than a month from the wedding, we were seriously hedging about whether or not to do another Etsy update beforehand, or wait until we get back.

We compromised ;) We’re going to do a small Etsy update (60 skeins) so that we’re able to manage dyeing/fulfillment before things really get down to the wire. We had two reasons for deciding to go ahead:

  1. We’re not back from honeymoon until the end of October, so the next Etsy update wouldn’t be until a large one scheduled for mid-November (the Christmas one!).
  2. It’s harvest season here in Southern Ontario, and that means inspiration abounds. Just take a look at this mood board I’ve put together, showcasing some of the pics I’ve taken in the past week!


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