3V8A0345I’ve really been on a flower kick lately, springtime will do that to you :) Even though it’s been on the website for a few days now, I wanted to highlight one of my new colourways ‘Hyacinth’.


Hyacinths are probably my favourite flower (and tiger lilies, and dahlias, and …) . I love the scent they add to the home when they’re blooming, and I love the purple ones the most. I had quite a bit of fun shooting my hyacinth.


I decided to get in close and use my macro lens, to really show the texture and colours.


The colour way is an ombré yarn, of course :) From creamy white, to pale lilac, intensifying into a strong purple and then being topped off with a purple-blue tint.


I have completed a project to show off the yarn (and it deserves its own FO post very soon) but here is a peek at my pebble beach shawl, which really shows off how the colour changes sit. I chose to do this on our 500 yard sport weight MCN skein, which made for a lovely, massive shawl at 62″ x 20″, so cuddly!


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