Swirly Summer Yarn Bell

Swirly Summer Yarn Bell

This beauty came out of the kiln earlier this summer, but I haven’t been to the studio in a while to get it. I took the summer off but will be getting back in this September.

**Post Update** – I finally decided to try selling these babies on Etsy – click the Etsy link on the right to see what’s available!

For those of you who haven’t seen one yet – the bell holds a ball of yarn and keeps it turning smoothly as you work. They are being sold at the Purple Purl here in Toronto and knitters/crocheters love them :) This bell uses the same technique as my swirly mugs from last spring, which is how I achieve the relief in the design.

I also finished up what will be, for now, my last of the froggie bowls. I’d like to start exploring new avenues of design so I will only produce these on request.

The froggie was a good companion to folks needing to ‘rip it’ back, but we’re definitely due for some fresh design :) Anyone looking to purchase a yarn bell or bowl can visit the Purple Purl or email me hello@thebluebrick.ca

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