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Sewn Away

I’m taking another crack at this ‘learning to sew’ thing. I tried to be a good knitter about it. I looked at the pattern, bought enough fabric, looked into the notions, saw things like ‘piping’ and ‘zipper’ and bought those too. Buying a sewing pattern…

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Sewing FO – Throw Pillows!

I’d like to say that learning to sew has been very easy for me, and I suppose in a way it has. I’ve had an amazing teacher (thanks Tito!) and my other design experience has certainly come to bear when it came to making up…

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Begone, crafting void!

I have a sewing machine :) Last night I made my first thing – headbands. Simple and pain-free and the machine was easy to learn on. Here’s my new toy: And here are my snazzy new headbands. …And here’s a weirdly blown out pic of…

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