Orange Creamcicle

Orange Creamcicle

Ok people, everyone remembers these, right?


The weather here in Toronto has abruptly gotten very hot and humid (considering it snowed two weeks ago… but hey, I’m not complaining) and I’ve got popsicles on the brain.

A quick pinterest search brings up all kinds of lovely things, inspired by orange creamcicles. Starting from the top left we’ve got:  cupcakes, fudge, pound cake, shakesdessert bars and cocktails. Clearly, orange creamcicles are an amazing thing.

So it’s time for yarn, right?


‘Orange Creamcicle’ our new colour for June, has no photograph (yet!) because I just *knew* what colour I wanted to make. It also has no pattern yet, because life has not been in the mood to allow me ample knitting time, but I did a little cruising around Ravelry and here are some patterns I think would be a perfect fit:

Left side: Myndie by Ambah O’Brian (how about basically anything by Ambah O’Brian?), A lovely interpretation of Bosc Pear by Raveler Krumel and a lovely free scarf pattern called Tender by Raveler Maanal. On the right is an interpretation of Different Lines by Raveler UandIKnit (original pattern by the amazing Veera Välimäki) that absolutely blew my mind. For the white dividing lines you could totally pair up with a skein of ‘Ecru’.


Orange Creamcicle is a palindrome yarn – which is to say that it’s orange at both ends and white in the middle. This means that, if so inclined, you could also cut the yarn halfway and make matching socks or fingerless gloves.

Left: Socks by Raveler Francesnoid, right: Mitts by Raveler Klippity

This lovely summery colour will hit our store this Friday June 3rd =D
Now… to go get some popsicles as photo props. That means popsicles just became a business expense, right?

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