The Escarpment Cowl – Free Pattern

The Escarpment Cowl – Free Pattern

I’ve been working on a collection of new patterns, sort of an addition to my Ombré Knits book, that focuses on small, easy one skein projects that take advantage of gradients, and the first of them is finally here! This is the Escarpment Cowl.


This cowl is the simplest of construction; you start with a garter stitch tab as though it’s a top down triangular shawl and then work as though you’re making a stockinette shawl until it’s wide enough to go around your neck; you then join in the round and keep working until you’re happy with the length. A garter stitch border prevents the curling and a modified kfb creates a nice neat centre line down the front.

Tiny details, big impact :) All you need is one skein of Escarpment DK. 3.5mm needles and three stitch markers. Enjoy! Ravelry Link here.

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