The Blue Brick Tonal Line

The Blue Brick Tonal Line

Thank you to everyone who took the time yesterday to send us a sweet note about Ollie. Each and every note means a lot to us <3

If you follow us on Instagram (@thebluebrickish) you will have seen some new yarns popping up lately; a tonal line that is intended to be a compliment (not a continuation) to our ombré line and give folks more options for multi-skein projects. They’re also gorgeous for use on their own and, should you want to make a sweater etc., they are all available on the exact same bases as the gradients so no more worrying about finding a close match and getting gauge all over again!

A few notes about our Tonal Line; The final colour choices will be here on the blog and on instagram over the next few days. They will all launch on December 1st and will be a permanent addition. They may look a little different from some of my ‘working models’ that I’ve posted about lately, but it was important to me that these colours be reproducible before I released them, so there has definitely been some tweaking.

Tonals are tricky, and not quite as formulaic as our gradient line. If you want to make a sweater, I’d recommend buying enough with a little to spare all at the same time; and I will make sure it all gets dyed in the same lot. Regardless, I definitely recommend striping your skeins for the best results possible and to avoid unwanted pooling and colour changes. Here’s a tutorial.

There will be either 9 or 12 colours total (TBD), and I’ll show off a few a day from now til the 1st :) I’m pretty excited about them, they’ve taken on a different personality from y gradient work which is generally bright. These are dark and moody and I love them; the kind of colours I’d wear for sure. As with our other work these colours are inspired by, and ship with, our photography.

Without further ado, here are the first three!



Cobblestone is dark, but quite complex. There are layers of turquoise, slate, brown and black under there, along with light speckling in both brown and turquoise. It’s rich and subtle.



Warm, and utterly autumnal with gold, cayenne and taupe layered in to create something evocative of walking though one of our favourite places; the Terra Cotta reserve.



This piece took on its own life as I dyed it, based on the sunset I shot from Bauline, Newfoundland. A small fishing community, the beach was littered with the detritus of fishing gear lending tones of rust, stone and lichen.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these :) Stay tune to the blog for the next few days to see the rest!


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