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Drop Spindles and Fluff

Photo-Take-Outter Fridays have been thin lately… because I’ve been busy photo-take-outting. I’ve got a cool thing or two buried in the gigs and gigs of RAW files that are clogging up my mac. I’ve also been bouncing around on weird hours between the west coast…

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Oh, the Horror

This is a tale of redemption and resilience. This is what happened to the hat I thought I’d lost. It had fallen into the leaves in the parking lot last fall, and turned up this spring. It had been outdoors, under snow, all winter. It…

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Swatching over to the dark side

Check it out – I swatched! I had plunged bravely into my first ever sweater using 6 lovely balls of TFA Sunset that I bought last summer – which involved substituting the yarn and guessing at the needles – no problem, right? Well, a book…

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